Small Investment, Lifetime Returns

EV Charging Station Franchise is the way to go

What is Wattsup Charge?

Wattsup Charge is a technology company that offers E Franchise opportunities in EV Charging with a low minimum investment amount and lifetime Income

How Wattsup Charge Works?

Wattsup Charge manages the end to end journey for your franchise, charging management and monthly returns

Acquires land and sets up EV station

License the station to franchisee

Operate and provide automated returns to franchisee

Why Wattsup Charge ?

Wattsup Charge is on Path to becoming India’s largest EV charging network, Connecting Cities & empowering Range-Anxiety free Inter City travel for EV Owners. Our smart project aims to make sustainable profits with green energy, interconnect tier 1, tier 2 and tier 3 cities & do the installation at the right locations for the convenient & anxiety free Intercity travel for EV Owners

Regular Monthly Returns

Perfect Locations

Hassle Free

Complete Transparency

Detailed Analysis

Seamless Process

Did you know?

India will need atleast 500000 charging Points to sustainably charge the ever increasing EV’s by 2030

Still Curious?

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