The Best AC Chargers For EV

Smart! Flexible!! Efficient!!!

7.4 kw AC EV Charger for
Electric Vehicle

Wattsup Charge introduces the Future of EV charging with its end to end EV charging solutions. Creating a revolution in the AC chargers for EV with ultra-modern sleek design, high output to make it ideal for an easier, faster and better charging experience, Wattsup Charge leads the way in the EV Charging industry. Accessible through our robust mobile app, these chargers can offer you real-time data from anywhere, thus allowing you to schedule your charging hours.

Supported Vehicles

2 Wheeler

3 Wheeler

4 Wheeler


Remote monitoring
Mobile app integration

RFID or QR authentication

Easy payment option

Technical Description

Number of Outputs

1 or 2 (Optional)


7″ TFT LCD (Optional)

Cable Length

5 meters

Output Voltage



WiFi or GSM

Communication Protocol

OCPP 1.6J & 2.0.1 compliant

Other Details

Your all-in-one
charging solution

Future of Urban Commuting

Small footprint makes it easy to install in small spaces both indoors and outdoors. We derived an innovation that acts as a critical component in meeting future complex challenges.

Future-proof Design

Safe. Efficient. Flexible. Our EV chargers hold the innovation of creating an independent community that strives to solve the charging problem in this ever-changing world.

Automating Charging Stations

Our state-of-the-art AC and DC charger are interlinked by a system that offers real-time data anytime, anywhere. Its easy-to-use interface ensures a great end-user experience.