Get your Apartment EV Enabled with Zero Investment

Electric vehicle (EV) users living in apartments may face several challenges related to EV charging, infrastructure, and convenience where Resident Welfare Association (RWA) struggle to solve the problem. Here are some common problems they encounter:

  1. High Installation Costs
  2. Lack of Charging Infrastructure
  3. No Home Charging Options
  4. Charging Etiquette
  5. Access Misuse
  6. Futureproofing

Wattsup Charge as a Solution Provider

  • Zero Investment
  • Pay per use model
  • Device Upgradation based on demand upto 60KW for 5 years with RWA Subscription
  • Building an EV Hub in apartment for community people
  • Unit rates are lesser than commercial chargers
  • Additional Revenue for RWA